Since 1993 the Brillante family started a new business project destined for the world of packaging; a new company was born,  the "Brillante Plastic",  with the ambitious task of creating a new industrial reality in the world of the blown plastic-film extrusion.

Over the years the company has been equipped with the latest technologies used in the sector, and in 2005 the natural evolution of this growth resulted in the Bluplast Ltd foundation, which in a very short time has carved out an important slice of the market within the polyethylene packaging, by choosing a customer-oriented approach to deliver high-quality products and solutions for their needs. Every year the company keeps growing in a very dynamic manner achieving set targets in its key business areas.

In 2013 Bluplast Ltd. has detected a new production plant in Zingonia (Bergamo), exclusively dedicated to the blown PE film extrusion for lamination needs in the food-packaging sector and playing a role of an important logistical and strategic center to respond promptly to the European market requests. Step by step, the company keeps integrating into global markets continuously increasing its foreign-sales share.


Our Company invests every year a lot of resources for innovation with the aim to reach the new challenges presented by the market, for answering to the requests of always more exigent customers and trying to producing products in the vanguard. This continuous process leads our Company to change in continuous, trying to adapt itself to the most innovative solutions.  The innovations are linked in particular to the new machines, the new processes, the new commercial strategies, the new products. We try to understand the necessity of our customers and change them in solutions, looking for new proposal, in place of those already existing. 


The success of our Company is based on people, we believe in people, and are sure that the growth is always related to people because they make the difference. For this reason, we try to select our resources,  making them part of our project, with continuous training and giving ever bigger responsibility to them. In this way we’ve created a very good team, where each person has its own role, making  exclusive that we do. This team spirit, give us the possibility to create shared projects, where the individuality and the collaboration become two harms of the same body. 


At our plant we make use of the most recent technology for extrusion and co-extrusion of blown film; we have a highly innovative, multi-layered ‘pilot’ plant  for internal testing and also for tests with our customers. The big quantity of extruded  polyethylene has given our company the opportunity to be leader of this field.
The cutting and sealing departments allow us to satisfy the segment of the markets with highly specific needs (for example big bags in different width and thickness, customized with different graphics). The printing department has two flexographic machines with central drums and can print up to 8 colors for obtaining very cutting-edge graphics, and our graphic office works continuously with the aim to create customized solutions for our customers.


Our quality concept born from the training of workers, constantly updated and sensitized on the quality aspects of products realized. Our quality system develops starting  from the control of raw materials strictly selected, to the control during production, going ahead with the measurement of the process parameters, that are continuously optimized and analyzed, ending with the tests in laboratory, where, each lots is certified and the statistic analysis become an instrument of continuous improvement. Our quality systems are certified in conformity with   ISO 9001:2008 e ISO 14001:2004 in Pagani and with  ISO 9001:2008  and BRC/IoP issue 4


In our Company the term “Research” is intended like development of existing and new products for improving their characteristics. Our laboratory is equipped with every kind of instrument for characterization of packaging materials; it’s our strength point, but plays also an important role for our customers, for the realization of materials customized.  We search the product tailored  like a cloth for our customers, according to the final use destination.  Our “OPEN LAB” philosophy puts laboratory and people working there, at the customer service for any kind of problem related to the packaging.

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